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International Classification of ServicesBelow are the Class Numbers and Class Titles used in the International Classification of Services to identify services that are being provided in association with a service mark. The International Classification of Services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Class Number 35: Advertising and Business
Services, such as advertising and marketing agencies promoting the goods and services of others; business consulting, management, planning and supervision; clerical services; club services, namely promoting the interests of (indicate specific group); copying of documents for others; design of advertising flyers for others; electronic processing of orders for others; employment agencies; flea markets; food kiosk services; foreign trade information and consultation; hospital management and administration services; income tax preparation and/or consultation; integrated tracking and management of commercial transactions via the internet; lobbying services; vending machine services; wholesale distributorships featuring (indicate specific field); window display arrangement services; resume preparation; retail stores, such as bakery shops, clothing boutiques, book stores, and auto parts stores.
Class Number 36: Insurance and Financial
Services, such as accident insurance underwriting; accounts receivables financing; actuarial services; administration of employee benefit plans concerning insurance and finance, such as pension plans, welfare benefit plans and pre-paid health care plans; advisory services relating to credit and debit control, investment, grants and financing of loans; apartment house management; art appraisal; banking and financing services; ATM banking services; business liquidation services; charitable fund raising; collection agencies; fiduciary representatives; financial investment (indicate specific field); foreign exchange transactions; mortgage lending; on-line financial planning services; political fund raising services; providing a website where users can post ratings, reviews and recommendations on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other financial instruments; real estate appraisal and valuation.
Class Number 37: Building Construction and Repair
Services, such as asbestos removal; asphalting; air conditioning contractor services; automobile detailing and painting; vehicle repair and maintenance; book repair and restoration; bottle and can collection for recycling; charitable services, namely renovating and constructing homes for low income families; clock and watch repair or maintenance; construction services, namely planning, laying out and custom construction of residential and commercial communities; emergency road side services; furniture upholstering; insecticide spraying; installation and maintenance of irrigation systems; knife sharpening; laundry services; maintenance and repair of computer hardware; pest control and extermination other than for agricultural purposes; plumbing, gas and water installation; pressure washing services; pumping septic tanks; real estate development; road paving, sealing and stripping; shoe repair and shining; solid waste landfill services; swimming pool cleaning services; wrecking services.
Class Number 38: Telecommunications
Services, such as audio teleconferencing; automated telephone voice message services; television, cable television and radio broadcasting and transmission; cellular telephone services; broadcasting of video and audio programming over the internet; communications by facsimile; news agencies; leasing and rental of telephone sets, facsimile and other communication equipment; providing access to digital music websites on the internet; providing facilities and equipment for video conferencing; satellite television broadcasting; singing telegram services; sending of telegrams; wireless broadband communication services.
Class Number 39: Transportation and Storage
Services, such as arranging tours and cruises; ambulance transport; air traffic control services; air transport of passengers and freight; bicycle rental; bus chartering; cargo ship transport and unloading; carpooling services; car rental; garage and parking space rental; garbage collection [trash pickup only]; furniture moving and storage; mailbox rental; packing, crating and warehousing services; parcel shipping services; courier services; rental of dumpsters; delivery of newspapers, messages, and goods; emergency auto or truck towing; charitable services, namely providing transportation to elderly or handicapped persons; conducting sightseeing tours for others.
Class Number 40: Treatment of Materials
Services, such as air brushing; air deodorizing; bakery services; butchering; bookbinding; cabinet making; chemical treatment of textile; dyeing [for textile or furs]; contract manufacturing (indicate specific field, e.g. automobiles, furniture, watches); demolition services [not buildings]; dental technician services; destruction of waste and trash; digital printing, restoration and/or enhancement of photographs; dressmaking; duplication of tape recordings, audio tapes and video cassettes; filtration of coolants; food processing; framing of works of art; generation of gas, electricity and energy; glass blowing and etching; hazardous waste management; locksmith, i.e. making custom keys; waste water reprocessing.
Class Number 41: Education and Entertainment
Services, such as organizing, or coordinating automobile races, baseball, football and basketball games or providing coaching or training in the performance of sports; administration of lotteries; photography; cable television programming; career counseling; casinos; academic enrichment programs (specify field); providing academic performance evaluation, guidance and monitoring for children via the internet; animal exhibitions; obedience school training for animals; arranging of contests; art exhibitions; ballet schools; baseball camps; book review and publishing; computer education training; driver safety training; libraries; music publishing services; night clubs; officiating at sports contests; on-line entertainment ticket agency; personal trainer services; providing a website featuring sporting information; rental of portable stages; rental of videotapes and motion pictures; writing of texts; yoga instruction.
Class Number 42: Computer and Scientific
Services, such as developing accreditation standards for (indicate goods or services); aircraft design; agricultural research; animation and special-effects design; application service provider, namely hosting computer software applications of others; architectural and engineering services; color analysis for purposes of interior design; bacteriological research and testing; computer consultation, programming, designing and implementing network web pages and websites; computer software design; hydrologic study of surface and ground water; installation, maintenance and repair of computer software; interior decorating and design; landscape architecture; medical research and laboratory services.
Class Number 43: Hotels and Restaurants
Such as hotel; bed and breakfast inn; hostel; bar; café and restaurant services; catering; charitable services, namely providing temporary shelter, food, and furniture to needy persons; providing child care and elder care; consulting services in the field of culinary arts; fast-food restaurants; juice bars; snack bars; pet boarding services; providing a website featuring a searchable collection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail recipes; providing facilities for fairs and exhibitions; rental of kitchen appliances, bed and bath linens, and tents; travel agency services.
Class Number 44: Medical, Beauty & Agricultural
Such as acupuncture; addiction treatment services; animal breeding and grooming; barbershops and beauty salons; blood banks; body piercing and waxing; charitable services, namely providing trained service dogs to disabled people; chiropractic services; consultation services (specify medical field); cosmetic and plastic surgery; farm surveying and consultation; flower arranging; golf course design; hair replacement; hypnosis services; landscape design and gardening; medical clinics; providing an on-line computer database of information regarding health and nutrition; tree surgery; vermin extermination for agriculture; veterinary surgery.
Class Number 45: Personal
Such as adoption agencies; charitable outreach services, i.e. providing religious counseling to the needy, the imprisoned, and the sick; animal adoption service; funeral homes; consulting services in the field of workplace safety; court reporting; foster care; ministerial services; fire fighting; fraud detection services in the field of credit cards for on-line purchasing; jury consultancy; legal and paralegal services; nanny services; notary public services; pet sitting; private investigation; real estate closing services; rental of altars, dresses, fire extinguishers, formal wear, handbags, etc.; rental of protective clothing and equipment; security guard services; wedding chapel services; providing a selection of on-line electronic greeting cards; astrological forecasting
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