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For Investors

General Investing

Investors have more responsibility than ever when participating in the investment marketplace, yet many investors feel that they lack the essential knowledge needed to reach their financial goals. The Securities Division provides information to help investors make more informed investment decisions.

We encourage the citizens of North Carolina to:

For Seniors

As North Carolina's senior population continues to grow, so does the risk of investment fraud being perpetrated against seniors in North Carolina. Many seniors enjoy capably managing their investments, but there are also those who may have more difficulty with the complexities of investing. The Securities Division is responsive to our older citizens' need for information. We offer free educational materials through our website, including some designed specifically for seniors.

Maximize Your Retirement Investments provides an in-depth look at retirement investments and managing those assets. This booklet covers topics ranging from basics about stocks and bonds, to mutual funds and researching your investment professional.

Frauds Aimed at Senior Citizens highlights many of the common securities and investment schemes we see, focused specifically on the frauds that are most commonly perpetrated against seniors.

For Military

The Securities Division is committed to providing information about securities and investing to North Carolina men and women who are serving or who have served in the United States Armed Forces. In addition to our collection of educational materials designed for every investor, we have two booklets designed specifically for active military, veterans, soon-to-be-vets, and their families.

A Salute to Smart Investing provides active military members with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve financial security, and to identify and avoid frauds that specifically target the military. This guide covers topics such as the basics of budgeting, saving, and investing; tips on balancing risk and reward in investing; advice regarding retirement planning; and recognizing inappropriate investments.

The Financial Field Manual contains information and guidance regarding financial preparation for deployment, making the most of new GI Bill opportunities, protecting your investments, buying or selling a home, and avoiding financial schemes that target military families.

For Teachers

The Securities Division has a large selection of handouts, booklets, and brochures available for download on our website. You can also use our online order form to request copies of these materials free of charge. Additionally, the following resources are also available to assist teachers in and out of the classroom:

North Carolina public schools are now required to teach personal financial literacy to students. This site contains information and useful links to help you develop lesson plans.
Developed by the Investor Protection Trust , this investor education and protection teaching guide comes complete with lesson plans and handouts. Its content lends itself to all kinds of investor education and protection initiatives. Enhance the lesson plans by using downloadable segments of MoneyTrack that fit the particular unit you are teaching.
Watch a MoneyTrack episode featuring Damon Williams, a high school student who has become a model investor. This episode will help teach kids how to invest.
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