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How to Submit Business Documents Onlinein North Carolina

There are three methods to submitting documents online into the NC Business Registry:

  1. Online Creation Wizard for creating new businesses
  2. PDF Upload for existing business
  3. Online Annual Report Wizard

For detailed instructions and/or a video tutorial, please click the appropriate Get Started button below.

Online Creation Wizard

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PDF Upload for Existing Businesses

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Mergers and Share Exchanges and Name Reservations

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Online Annual Report Wizard

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The Online Creation Wizard and the PDF Upload for an Existing Business require secure credentials to our website. If you do not have an account, you may create one by clicking the “Sign In” link at the top of any Agency webpage.

For both Online Creation Wizard and PDF Upload you are provided the following options:

  1. Expedited Service
    1. 24 Hour fee $100
    2. Same Day fee (before 12:00 Noon) $200
  2. Future effective Date (up to 90 days into the future), if needed – most often used at the end of the year so that company becomes effective on January 1.
  3. Internal Reference Numbers so that you can identify your own clients or companies
  4. Currently you cannot stop and save your work prior to completing the process, so if you stop and come back you will have to start all over again.
  5. ACH and Credit Card Payment Options
  6. Ability to track the submission through your account

For only the Creation Wizard:
  1. The ability to upload additional documents, if required or needed, separately. For example in the case of a foreign entity, you will need to have a certificate of existence saved to upload during the process and you may need a name resolution if the home state name is already in use in North Carolina.
  2. Mailing Address Verification

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