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Creating E-Mail Notification SubscriptionsRegistered Agent Subscriptions

  1. On the main webpage, click on “Business Entity Search” in the Online Services Bar.
  2. Change the default under the “Select what you want to search” from “Company” to “Registered Agent.”
  3. The default under “Select how you want to search” is “Starting With.” Leave this as is.
  4. In the “Searching For” box, enter the first few terms of the Registered Agent’s name.
  5. Click “Search.”
  6. The search results will provide a listing of Registered Agents beginning with the same terms you entered. Note: The database considers any change in capitalization, punctuation or a change in address, a different entity, so you may see more than one entity with the same name, but punctuated differently. You may have to open more than one Registered Agent list to obtain all of the entities serviced by the specific Registered Agent.
  7. Click on the Registered Agent Name – This will provide a listing of the entity names referenced on the previous page.
  8. At the bottom of the listing of entities, you will find a header “Actions.” Under this header is a link to “Add all listed entities to my email notification list.”
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