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Save Time, File Online The NC Department of Secretary of State is entering its seasonal busy season. Combined with continued staffing shortages, this means there will be delays processing Annual Reports and other business organization documents. The delays are greatest for mailed filings. We strongly urge our customers to save time and file their documents online if at all possible. Mailed filings currently require 10 to 15 days to process, compared to 5 days or less for documents filed online. Save time, file online.

Other Boards And Commissions

The information in this section relates to State government boards and commissions generally.

State Boards and Commissions

Lists of Boards: There is not a comprehensive list of all of the State boards. The links below go to some possible sources for lists of boards:

List of Board members: Each State board may have different qualifications requirements for the members of the board. The qualifications are either included in a State law or designated by the appointing authority. There is not a single list of all State board members.

The State Ethics Commission has a list of non-advisory State board members to whom the State Ethics Act applies.

Laws that apply to Boards

There are a number of different laws that may apply to most State boards. Here are just a few of those laws:

Most State boards are required to file their regular public meeting schedules with the Secretary of State. You can view a calendar of those meetings here.

Occupational Licensing Boards

State licenses, registrations, certifications, or commissions are required in order to perform certain kinds of work that affect the public health, safety and welfare.

Some of the laws requiring State licenses, registrations or certifications are administered and enforced by State agencies. For example, the Department of Health and Human Services licenses many child care providers.

Other licensing laws are administered and enforced by independent State Occupational Licensing Boards. There are about 55 independent boards that license people to engage in a specific occupation. Examples of such occupations are electrical contracting and locksmiths.

Occupational Licensing Boards are required to file two types of documents with the Secretary of State:

There is a subset of Occupational Licensing Boards that have the authority to approve licensees’ formation of business entities like corporations and LLCs. Those boards may have additional requirements in their laws and rules for formation of such professional business entities. Click here for more information.

Contact Other Boards And Commissions

Because there are many different boards, commissions, councils, etc., you will need to search to find their contact information. The boards and commissions for which we have contact information are:

  • The boards for which we are responsible. Click here for those boards.
  • The occupational licensing boards that approve formation of licensees’ professional corporations and LLCs. Click here for those boards.
  • For other State boards, here are some ideas for finding contact information:
    • An internet search for the board.
    • Check our public meetings page – usually boards provide contact information related to their meetings.
    • Check with the appointing authority.
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