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Charities & Sponsors

Generally, any organization or person that intends to directly solicit contributions in North Carolina, or intends to hire a person or business to solicit contributions in North Carolina, must first obtain a license from the Charities Division. Organizations must renew their licenses each year to maintain licensed status.

There are several statutory exemptions to this requirement. A person that qualifies for an exemption does not have to obtain or maintain a license.

If an organization requires a license but operates without one, that organization may be subject to administrative penalties or fines in addition to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Fundraising Consultants and Solicitors

Professionals such as fundraising consultants and solicitors who fundraise on behalf of others and unless exempted under G.S. 131F-3 are required to obtain a license and pay a $200.00 licensing fee. Professional fundraisers must renew their licenses each year to maintain licensed status.

License applications can be downloaded, completed and mailed to our office with appropriate fees and required documents or completed online using the Charities Division’s On-Line filing portal. Note On-Line filing is not currently available for professional fundraisers and those seeking an exemption.

License application fees are set by statute. Fees vary by license type, and fees for charitable organizations and sponsors are set on a sliding scale based upon contributions received per fiscal year, including a waiver of fees in some instances.

By law, CSL processes all license applications within ten (10) days of the division's receipt of the application. If the Charities Division finds a problem with a license application, it will send notice of the problem to the applicant within this ten (10) day period.

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