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Proposed Rule(s) Division: Notary Enforcement

The Department of the Secretary of State (Agency) issued an advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPR #1) to request public comment on significant questions related to the implementation of the Remote Electronic Notarization Act (RENA). RENA became law on July 8, 2022. N.C. Session Law 2022-54. The comment period for ANPR #1 i closed. View ANPR #1 and the comments received by clicking on the ANPR #1 button.

NEW: The Agency is issuing ANPR #2 requesting additional public comments on more technical issues related to RENA. Click on the ANPR #2 button to view the open ANPR. Comments that we receive will be posted after the comment period closes.

RENA amends Chapter 10B, Notary Public Act, in the North Carolina General Statutes. Adoption of RENA was a direct outcome of the global pandemic, increasing economic activity being conducted remotely, and the need to conduct crucial business, legal, health-care, and other transactions safely and securely and efficiently in the rapidly changing remote environment.

RENA requires the Agency to adopt permanent rules on a large number of topics. The Agency’s goal is to establish a system that will continue to protect the public against fraud and ensure that transactions are not repudiated as a result of:

  • Mental incapacity of the principal;
  • Coercion or duress; or
  • Fraud.

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