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  • To view the primary State purchasing and contracts law please click here. Please be aware that there are other laws affecting State contracts.
  • To view the State purchasing and contract rules, please click here.

Delegated authority: State Purchasing and Contract (P&C) has delegated the authority to enter into certain small contracts to us. We do not enter into separate contracts for items and services that we can purchase through State Purchasing and Contract. Please contact State Purchasing and Contract if you are interested in entering into a contract with us or any State agency. To contact State P&C click here.


There are specific State laws that make it illegal for contractors to give gifts to the State agencies with whom they contract. It is also generally illegal for contractors to give gifts to our employees who are involved in purchasing and contracting. The laws help ensure that taxpayers are not cheated and businesses are not deprived of a level playing field when competing for state contracts. Click here for a link to the the Bipartisan State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement website where you can find out more about the laws relating to contractors and ethics.

For Contractors


Like most State government agencies, we use the State Purchasing & Contract office list of approved suppliers (the Statewide Term Contracts) for purchases of non-Information Technology items. You can view the Statewide Term Contracts here.

  • If you are interested in becoming a State contractor, you can find more information here. (P&C) You may want to begin by clicking on the button labeled “Vendor Resources”.
  • The State Department of Information Technology handles State Information Technology contracts. For more information, click here.

Please do not contact us about contracts. We ask that you contact the State Purchasing and Contract Office if you are interested in entering into a non-IT contract with a State agency. To contact State P&C click here. If you are interested in entering into an IT contract, you can contact the State Department of Information Technology here.

Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs)
For more information about State contracts and HUBs,click here.
Contracts for temporary employee services
We are required to use the State temporary services agency, Temporary Solutions, if we want to hire a temporary employee. For more information about Temporary Solutions, click here.
Debarred contractors
We cannot contract with a contractor that has been debarred by the State or federal government. For more information about debarment and to see a list of debarred contractors, click here.

Contract terms

All State contracts must include some terms specified in law. For example, all State contracts must include a provision allowing the Office of State Auditor access to all records related to the contract, including the contractor’s records. In addition, all State contracts are subject to the availability of funds.

For the Public

If you are interested in viewing State contracts, you can click here.

If you think you want to report a possible violation of the laws about contractors giving gifts to State agencies, here are some places that may be able to help you:

  • You may want to start by reporting it to the head of the agency where the employee works who received the gift. The agency head can not only deal with the specific issue but also consider whether to make changes to agency procedures to prevent future violations.
  • Other agencies that may have the authority to investigate ethics violations involving State agencies include:

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