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Preparing Documents for Upload

  1. Use the forms located at /forms/by_title/_Business_Registration_Business_Entities_Common Most of these forms are PDF fillable forms that you can open, complete and print out for scanning and saving. A few of the creation documents can be electronically completed, signed, and then saved (i.e., Business Corporation Articles of Incorporation and Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization).


    • Before uploading the document, check to be sure the saved document includes all of the signatures and information entered.
    • When scanning documents, make sure the document is scanned and saved as a black and white image.

  2. The online submission process does not check for name availability. You will need to conduct a name availability search prior to completing the forms for submission.
  3. If you are submitting a document which requires attachments, (i.e., Certificate of Existence or Licensing Board approval) please create one .PDF document containing the document being filed and the attachment.

    Note: We can only accept online submission of documents requiring certificates from those States and Licensing Boards that offer online or electronic certification.

  4. Have the signed document, including attachments (if needed) saved to your computer files in .PDF (adobe) format (limit of 50 pages) before uploading a document for submission. Make sure you check to see if the data was saved.
    Saving the PDF Fillable Form
    In order to save the document electronically with your data you need to have version 11.0.3 or higher of Adobe Reader. Trying to save the fillable pdf documents without the updated version will save a blank document.
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