Gene R. Nichol, Chair
Irving Joyner, Vice-Chair

North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall has created the Secretary’s Advisory Council on Legislative Lobbying Policy and Regulation. The Council will study current lobbying laws in North Carolina and other states, the Department’s administration of North Carolina lobbying law and the constitutional aspects of the regulation of lobbying activity. The Council will produce a report for the Secretary containing findings and recommendations for improvement in North Carolina's current regulatory framework.

The Council is composed of a variety of persons knowledgeable regarding the legislative lobbying process, including lobbyists (both for- and non-profit), principals that hire lobbyists, current and former legislators (both Democrats and Republicans), the media and legislative liaisons. Gene Nichol, Dean of the UNC Law School, chairs the Council. The Vice-Chair is Irving Joyner of the NCCU Law School. The Council welcomes public comment on the topic of legislative lobbying. We invite you to review the Council’s charter, and if you have comments please email them to Please enable Javascript to view.