Alamance Community College Board of Trustees06/12/201705/08/2017
Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership02/24/2017
Appalachian State University Board of Trustees12/09/2016
Basic Law Enforcement Training Revision Committee Meeting07/14/201704/07/2017
Blue Ridge Community College Board of Trustees05/09/2016
Board of Examiners for Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists05/26/201704/28/2017
Board of Trustees of South Piedmont Community College06/13/201701/09/2017
Carteret Community College06/13/201705/09/2017
Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees04/26/2017
Central Piedmont Community College Board of Trustees05/03/2017
Clean Water Management Trust Fund06/01/201705/02/2017
Commission on Indigent Defense Services06/09/201712/16/2016
Community Alternatives Program Stakeholder Engagement01/24/2017
Cost Share Committee06/01/201701/26/2017
Council of Internal Auditing07/12/201704/12/2017
Crime Victims Compensation Commission06/14/201703/08/2017
Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission08/16/201705/19/2017
Criteria Implementation Committee (CIC), Nutrient Criteria Development Plan04/17/2017
Debt Affordability Advisory Committee02/01/2017
Detention Officer Certification Course Revision Committee05/31/201711/09/2016
Division of Health Service Regulation10/27/2016
Early Childhood Advisory Council11/16/2016
Economic Development Accountability and Standards Committee09/11/201705/15/2017
Economic Development Partnership04/21/2017
Economic Investment Committee06/13/201705/23/2017
Edgecombe Community College Board of Trustees11/03/2016
Education and Workforce Innovation Commission05/15/2017
Electronic Recording Council05/11/2016
Environmental Management Commission05/11/2017
Executive Mansion Fine Arts Committee05/09/2017
Executive Mansion Fund Board, Inc.05/09/2017
Fayetteville Technical Community College11/21/2016
Financial Literacy Council02/09/2017
Firefighters and Rescue Squad Workers Pension Fund Advisory Panel05/25/201706/30/2016
Food Manufacturing Task Force06/16/2016
Forsyth Soil and Water Conservation District06/13/201705/22/2017
Forsyth Technical Community College Board of Trustees08/25/2016
General Instructor Training Revision Committee07/13/201704/13/2017
Geodetic Survey Advisory Committee12/12/2016
Governor's Task Force on Safer Schools01/11/2017
Governors Advisory Council on Aging12/06/2016
Governors Crime Commission09/07/201703/02/2017
Hispanic/Latino Affairs06/08/201703/09/2017
Historic Hillsborough Commission06/01/201705/04/2017
Hurricane Matthew Resilient Redevelopment and Planning04/26/2017
Inmate Grievance Resolution Board06/02/201703/03/2017
Isothermal Community College Board of Trustees05/30/201705/23/2017
James Sprunt Community College Board of Trustees10/18/2016
Joint In-Service Subcommittee01/26/2017
Land Records Advisory Committee05/08/2017
McDowell Technical Community College01/12/2017
Medicaid Public Meetings05/16/2017
Mental Health and Substance Use Task Force11/30/2016
Military Police Evaluation Committee05/08/2017
Murfreesboro Historic Commission04/21/2017
Nash Community College Board of Trustees07/17/201705/15/2017
National Register Advisory Committee06/08/201702/09/2017
Natural Heritage Program05/12/2017
NC ABLE Program Board of Trustees08/23/201705/24/2017
NC Agricultural Finance Authority03/22/2017
NC Alarm System Licensing Board11/17/2016
NC Alarm Systems Licensing Board05/25/201705/24/2017
NC Aquarium @ Pine Knoll Shores03/22/2017
NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher11/02/2016
NC Board of Athletic Trainer Examiners02/08/2017
NC Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners10/17/2016
NC Board of Employee Assistance Professionals08/04/201705/05/2017
NC Board of Funeral Service07/11/201705/10/2017
NC Board of Law Examiners05/25/201705/19/2017
NC Board of Nursing06/08/201705/18/2017
NC Board of Physical Therapy Examiners06/14/201705/23/2017
NC Coastal Resources Commission07/11/201704/26/2017
NC Code Officials Qualification Board07/25/201704/25/2017
NC Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service06/21/2016
NC Dept. of Agriculture08/04/2016
NC Division of Marine Fisheries04/21/2017
NC Forensic Science Advisory Board05/18/2017
NC Geographic Information Coordinating Council08/09/201705/10/2017
NC Global Transpark Authority03/14/2017
NC Industrial Hemp Commission12/01/2016
NC Irrigation Contractors Licensing Board06/14/201705/10/2017
NC Landscape Architects Board05/31/201705/09/2017
NC Landscape Contractors Licensing Board04/18/2017
NC Military Affairs Commission07/17/201705/23/2017
NC Nutrient Scientific Advisory Board (NSAB)06/02/201705/05/2017
NC Onsite Wastewater Contractor Inspector Certification Board12/08/201705/12/2017
NC Parks and Recreation Authority11/04/2016
NC Ports Authority05/25/201704/27/2017
NC Private Protective Service Board12/15/2016
NC Private Protective Services Board05/23/2017
NC Public Librarian Certification Commission06/21/201702/15/2017
NC Radiation Protection Commission06/20/2016
NC Soil & Water Conservation Commission05/17/2017
NC State Board of Community Colleges06/15/201711/18/2016
NC State Board of Elections07/18/2016
NC State Ethics Commission08/11/201705/12/2017
NC State Health Coordinating Council06/07/201703/01/2017
NC State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees06/02/201702/10/2017
NC Teachers and State Employees Retirement System (TSERS) and Local Governmental Employees Retirement System (LGERS) Board of Trustees07/20/201704/20/2017
NC Trails Committee08/11/201703/24/2017
NC Water Treatment Facility Operators Certification Board06/20/201703/21/2017
NCWorks Commission06/16/201705/17/2017
North Carolina 911 Board03/31/2017
North Carolina Advanced Energy Corporation06/22/2016
North Carolina Agricultural Finance Authority12/09/2015
North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission06/07/201705/10/2017
North Carolina Arts Council Board of Directors03/29/2017
North Carolina Awards Committee06/15/2016
North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners06/20/201704/18/2017
North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition06/19/201705/15/2017
North Carolina Board of Electrolysis Examiners05/23/2017
North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy06/15/201704/20/2017
North Carolina Board of Occupational Therapy07/10/201705/15/2017
North Carolina Board of Pharmacy06/20/201705/16/2017
North Carolina Board of Podiatry Examiners05/31/201702/13/2017
North Carolina Board of Transportation05/31/201705/04/2017
North Carolina Building Code Council06/13/201703/14/2017
North Carolina Capital Facilities Finance Agency04/04/2017
North Carolina Child Care Commission06/26/201705/08/2017
North Carolina Commission for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services05/25/201702/23/2017
North Carolina Commission for Public Health10/19/2016
North Carolina Commission on Children with Special Health Care Needs02/08/2017
North Carolina Council of State06/06/201705/02/2017
North Carolina Council on the Holocaust05/06/2016
North Carolina Credit Union Division06/06/201703/02/2017
North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State03/17/2017
North Carolina Drought Management Advisory Council04/06/2017
North Carolina Education Cabinet04/27/2017
North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority04/24/2017
North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program Advisory Committee05/15/2017
North Carolina Historical Commission04/04/2017
North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board07/14/201704/07/2017
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency05/11/2017
North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission04/20/2017
North Carolina Humanities Council02/24/2017
North Carolina Interpreter and Transliterator Licensing Board06/24/2016
North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors06/21/201705/17/2017
North Carolina Locksmith Licensing Board10/18/2016
North Carolina Manufactured Housing Board08/08/201705/17/2017
North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission11/18/2016
North Carolina Marine Industrial Park Authority04/13/2016
North Carolina Medicaid Reform Dual Eligibles Advisory Committee02/23/2017
North Carolina Museum of Art Board of Trustees06/07/201703/08/2017
North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission05/04/2017
North Carolina Pesticide Board01/10/2017
North Carolina Principal Fellows Commission04/13/2017
North Carolina Property Tax Commission06/06/201705/19/2017
North Carolina Psychology Board05/12/2017
North Carolina Rules Review Commission06/15/201705/18/2017
North Carolina Rural Electrification Authority04/17/2017
North Carolina Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission06/08/201703/24/2017
North Carolina Social Services Commission09/14/2016
North Carolina Social Work Certification and Licensure Board06/02/201705/05/2017
North Carolina State Board of Certified Public Accountants05/25/201704/24/2017
North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners06/16/201705/17/2017
North Carolina State Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators06/07/201705/03/2017
North Carolina State Board of Opticians05/08/2017
North Carolina State Board of Refrigeration Examiners09/30/2016
North Carolina State Capitol African American Monument Committee05/03/2016
North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority03/07/2017
North Carolina State Emergency Response Commission01/20/2017
North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board09/09/2016
North Carolina Travel and Tourism Board05/09/2017
North Carolina Turnpike Authority08/03/201705/04/2017
North Carolina Underground Damage Prevention Review Board07/18/201704/18/2017
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission04/24/2017
Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council05/19/2017
Oversight Committee Meeting01/19/2017
Pamlico Community College Board of Trustees07/25/201704/25/2017
Pitt Community College Board of Trustees05/24/2016
Richmond Community College02/02/2016
Roanoke River Basin Bi-State Commission04/20/2017
Robeson Community College03/21/2016
Rockingham Community College Board of Trustees07/18/201705/09/2017
Rural Infrastructure Authority06/22/201704/20/2017
Sandhills Community College Board of Trustees04/03/2017
SB1217 Interagency Group01/03/2016
Science Advisory Board on Toxic Air Pollutants12/07/2016
Scientific Advisory Council (SAC), Nutrient Criteria Development Plan05/18/2017
Southeastern Community College05/23/2017
Specialized Physical Fitness Curriculum Revision Committee02/19/2016
Speed Measuring Instrument Advisory Committee06/08/201703/09/2017
State Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health04/05/2017
State Banking Commission06/14/201705/17/2017
State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors06/15/201703/02/2017
State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating & Fire Sprinkler Contractors06/15/201705/09/2017
State Board of Registration for Foresters06/20/201704/14/2016
State Veterans Affairs Commission04/18/2017
State Water Infrastructure Authority04/26/2017
Supplemental Retirement Board of Trustees06/22/201705/17/2017
Test Board06/15/2016
The Childrens Council of Watauga03/22/2017
The North Carolina Appraisal Board06/20/201704/25/2017
The North Carolina Arboretum07/12/201704/21/2016
The North Carolina Auctioneer Licensing Board06/12/201705/08/2017
The North Carolina Board for Licensing of Geologists08/15/201704/18/2017
The North Carolina Board of Architecture07/08/2016
The North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors06/14/201705/17/2017
The North Carolina Local Government Commission05/02/2017
The North Carolina Medical Care Commission08/10/201705/12/2017
The North Carolina Real Estate Commission06/14/201705/10/2017
The North Carolina Respiratory Care Board04/13/2017
The North Carolina Sedimentation Control Commission08/22/201705/18/2017
The North Carolina State Bar07/25/201704/21/2017
The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board06/29/201705/04/2017
The State Library Commission10/09/201705/15/2017
Tri-County Community College Board of Trustees05/25/201702/02/2017
Tryon Palace Commission04/21/2017
University of North Carolina at Charlotte Board of Trustees05/12/2017
University of North Carolina at Pembroke Board of Trustees04/21/2017
University of North Carolina Center for Public Television (UNC-TV)06/06/201703/07/2017
University of North Carolina Health Care System11/21/2016
USS North Carolina Battleship Commission05/29/201702/03/2017
Vance-Granville Community College Board of Trustees07/18/2016
Wake Technical Community College06/21/2016
Water Pollution Control System Operators Certification Commission08/11/201705/12/2017
Well Contractors Certification Commission08/01/201705/02/2017
Western Carolina University Board of Trustees06/01/201704/24/2017
Western North Carolina Public Lands Council07/15/2016
Western Piedmont Community College02/14/2017
Community Conservation Assistance Program Advisory Committee (CAC)
North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board
Central Piedmont Community College
Agricultural Cost Share Program Technical Review Committee
Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
Drought Management Advisory Council
Specialized Physical Fitness Advisory Committee
North Carolina Aeronautics Council
North Carolina Early Childhood Advisory Council
Queen Anne s Revenge Business Panel
North Carolina Justice Academy
The North Carolina Partnership for Children Finance Committee (Conference Call)
NC Indian Housing Authority
North Carolina Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure Board
Future of Community College Nursing Education, Ad Hoc Committee
The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc. Executive Committee
Winston-Salem State University Board of Trustees
NC Board of Funeral Service Preneed Committee
NC Board of Funeral Service Laws, Rules and Legislation Committee
Specialized Subject Control/Arrest Techniques Instructor Training Advisory Committee
Friends of Fort Macon
North Carolina State Bar
NC Board of Recreational Therapy Licensure
Specialized Subject Control & Arrest Techniques Curriculum Revision Committee
Task Force on Fraud Against Older Adults
NC Board of Recreational Therapy
The Energy Policy Council
The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc. Board Development Committee
Specialized Physical Fitness Instructor Training Advisory Committee
Specialized Firearms Instructor Training Revision Committee
The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc. Finance Committee
NC Council for Women and Domestic Violence Commission
State Construction Office
Southwestern Community College
North Carolina State Board of Education
Grants Management Oversight Committee
Pop up test entity
Wilkes Community College
Coastal Habitat Protection Plan Steering Committee
NC Human Relations Commission
Coal Ash Management Commission
Credit Union Commission
Basic Law Enforcement Training Revision Committee
Oil and Gas Commission
Governor's Working Group on Veterans, Service Members, and Their Families
State Board of Proprietary Schools
License to Give Trust Fund
North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission
The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc. Board of Directors
NC Dept. of Health & Human Services Division of Health Benefits
Agricultural Water Resources Assistance Program Review Committee (ARC)
Fayetteville Technical Community College Board of Trustees
Parks and Recreation Authority
Housing Coordination and Policy Council
NC Board of Funeral Service Continuing Education Committee
North Carolina Medical Board
Academic Standards Review Commission
Aviation Development Task Force
Governor s Teacher Advisory Council
Roanoke Island Commission
The North Carolina Partnership for Children Accountability Committee Meeting
Office of Historically Underutilized Businesses
Randolph Community College
Environmental Management Commission (EMC)
Governor s Crime Commission
NC State Board of Environmental Health Specialist Examiners
Cape Fear River Navigation and Pilotage Commission
NC State Board of Enivironmental Health Specialist Examiners
Sheriffs' Standards Telecommunicator Revision Committee
State Emergency Response Commission
NC Nutrient Science Advisory Board
The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc. Local Partnership Advisory Committee
NC Board of Funeral Service Finance and Personnel Committee
Oyster/Clam Fishery Management Plan Advisory Committee
Wayne Community College
Education and Workforce Leadership Summit
NC State Hearing Aid Dealers & Fitters Licensing Board
Standard Commercial Fishing License Eligibility Pool
NC Post Release Supervision & Parole Commission
Governors Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs
North Carolina Board of Science, Technology & Innovation
The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc.
Youth Advocacy and Involvement
NC Board of Funeral Service Exam Committee
The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc. Executive Committee Meeting
The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc. Accountability Committee
North Carolina Arts Council Grant Panels
North Carolina Commission on Volunteerism
Community Alternatives Program for Children Stakeholder Engagement
NC Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Governor's Teacher Advisory Committee
North Carolina-South Carolina Joint Boundary Commission
North Carolina Commission for Health Services
Small and Historically Underutilized Businesses
North Carolina Respiratory Care Board (NCRCB)
N.C. Department of Health and Human Services
Education Commission of the States
NC Commission of Indian Affairs
Longitudinal Data System Board